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Chartoasis.com's free stock analysis software works with free market data downloaded by the users and supports many countries. The application is based on Java and it runs in your browser.
  1. Download free market data from Portfolio.hu
    1. First steps
    2. Downloading stock data

Download free market data from Portfolio.huTo top

Portfolio.hu is a Hungarian financial portal. Its data download section is one the most up-to-date data source of Hungarian securities (eg.: stocks, bonds), but the site is in Hungarian.

First stepsTo top

Visit http://www.portfolio.hu/history/adatletoltes.tdp.
To proceed, you need to know some Hungarian words, like: "részvény" = stock, "kötvény" = bond.

Downloading stock dataTo top

Downloading stock data from Portfolio.hu
  1. In the drop down list "Típus" (type) select "Részvény" (stock).
  2. Select the stock in the Ticker field, like "OTP". (Is is a major bank of Hungary).
  3. By selecting the stock, the values in the "Idő intervallum" (time interval) changes to the longest possible time interval. You can change it if you want to.
  4. Check every checkbox in the "Adatok" (data) section, just like in the picture above.
  5. You can download data file by clicking "excel tábla" (xls spreadsheet). When saving data file, set the file extension to '.csv' or '.tdp' !
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