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Technical analysis and historical data analysis

Chartoasis.com's free analysis software now support MSCI indices, too.

For more details see MSCI data download page

Since we have a lot of Indian visitors we decided to provide better support for Indian stock market with better market data. This means that Chartoasis.com's free technical analysis software can be used now with data downloaded from NSEIndia.com. If you want to know how to download market data from NSEIndia.com visit our download guide for how to download market data from NSEIndia.com. For more details on why NSEIndia.com's data is better visit Chartoasis.com's blog entry about market data of Indian markets.

The appearance of candlesticks and volume has been modified.

Candlesticks are red if closing price is less than the closing price in the previous period, and green if the price closes higher than in the previous period. The body of the candlestick is empty if the price closes higher than the opening price of the same period and the candlestick's body is filled if the given period's closing price is less than the opening price of the same period.

The bars in the volume chart are green if the price closes higher than the closing price in previous period, and red if it closes below the previous period's closing price, just like the candlesticks.

If modifications are not available in your browser yet, please visit our help about chart software updates.

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