Chart widget – embed it to your site for free in 1 min!

What about adding value to your website or blog while also building trust for you?'s chart widget is a perfect solution to provide useful informations to your visitors in the sidebar of your site / blog (driven by eg.: WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla etc.). All widgets share these common features:

  • Regular updates
  • Free to use, if you fulfill the terms below
  • SEO friendliness, as they are served through secure connection (https), they are very simple (therefore do not slow down page loading), and indexing them is allowed for search engines

Terms to use

If you want to add these widgets to your site for free, you must fulfill these terms:

  • you may only use the code generated on this pages
  • the code generated here must not be modified (we grant you the chart for free, but in return we want the backlink that is also generated below. The backlink shall be removed only if we tell you to do it. In that case the link must be removed.)
  • the charts and data provided are as is. They are to be used as a reference only, with no guaranty of accuracy. Charts serve for informational use only. They can not be applied for investment purposes.
  • we reserve the right to modify, pause, or cancel this free chart service at any time, without prior notice
  • your are not allowed to charge a fee your viewers to have access to these charts

How to embed the widget?

 1.) Use the drop down menu to select the instrument and the time range for the chart to be embedded:
Preview (this is what it is going to look like on your website):
This is the code to be embedded into your website (see below, how to embed it. Do not modify this code!)
2.) Select above code and copy it to the clipboard. Embedding code varies with the engine of your website:
  • WordPress: Select Appearance / Widgets, then add a "Custom HTML" type widget via drag and drop. Fill in the title of the widget (e.g.:"EUR/USD exchange rate chart, last 10 years"), and paste widget's code from the clipboard into the content field. Click "Save", and the chart appears on your blog's sidebar.
  • Select Layout menu. Click "Add a gadget" in the desired position. Choose HTML/Javascript type. Fill in the title of the widget in the popup window, then paste widget's code from the clipboard into the content field. Click "Save", and the chart appears on your blog's sidebar.
  • In case of other website engines it is your webmaster, who can help you to embed the code.