Forex chart widget with your brand

Are you looking for a reliable forex chart widget that keeps visitors coming back and convinces them with a professional look?

That’s what we were looking for. What we used for the first time was a free compromise solution. It did its job for a while, then suddenly it stopped – without any prior notice (the company was acquired and the new owner turned off this service). Then we could rush to replace it. There was nobody to complain to, since we got it for free, and anyways: „never look a gift-horse in the mouth”.

What we really wanted was:

  • reliable forex chart widget
  • someone we can turn to, if we have a problem
  • a solution working well on mobile devices (appropriate speed, fitting the screen width)
  • losing no visitors because of the mandatory backlinks
  • showing our brand name, not someone else’s, so that the visitor is not confused or distracted while browsing

But we couldn’t find one at a reasonable price. However, since I’ve been working with charts for 20+ years, developing a forex chart widget was not a problem (our technical analysis software is much more complex than that). Would a chart like this be great?

  • It works reliably, and keeps our visitors coming back (experience of many years).
  • Does not require any special knowledge to install.
  • Highly customizable – just look at the examples to see how different they are.
  • Fast, because we made it with great care and its binary is small.
  • Requires no backlinks and contains no ads.
  • Optimized for mobile devices: it adapts to the screen size and uses less data on mobile.
  • It shows your brand name only, with all its advantages – you can even post it out to see what a professional chart you have obtained!
  • Scalable: if you only need a specific chart, you only have to pay for one chart.
  • And all this is a lot more affordable than if you had to keep a team of developers.
  • We are available in case of problems.

(Example of forex chart for website)

Would you like a chart like this on your site?

We want you to be satisfied. Therefore:

  1. First, we want to discuss exactly what kind of charts you need.
  2. We will then create a time-limited trial version for your site.
  3. The trial version will be set up on your site next.
  4. You have to pay when you have already tried it and the charts work properly on your site.

We can also talk about individual needs (translation, development), for a separate fee.

OK, but how much does it cost?

  • The smallest unit that can be purchased is 1 currency pair, for 1 time period, with a maximum of 10,000 page downloads per month, which costs $5 per month.
  • We offer a discount for larger quantities or annual fees. E.g.:
    • 10 currency pairs -15%.
    • All time ranges of 1 currency pair from 1 week to 10 years are $15 instead of $45.
    • For annual payments -20%.
  • If you build a large portal and want every available time ranges for every currency pair, it will cost ~$950 per month.


  • If you buy access to two instruments for the same time period, you can make a comparison chart out of them:
  • If you buy license for all instruments, we provide a separate component that allows the visitor to freely choose between charts:
  • Charts can be saved to a .png file by right-clicking (save as image). After that, they can then be shared on any social media or sent out in a newsletter.
  • If necessary, the displayed units can be fine-tuned. E.g.: for gold, you can publish a chart of 1 gram along with 1 ounce (for the same price); for Japanese yen, instead of 1 yen, ythe exchange rate can be displayed on 1000 yens.


  • The graphs have undergone strong testing and we only use reliable data sources such as:, but the graphs are for informational purposes only and are not suitable for investment. With a low resolution (e.g. on mobile devices), less detail is visible. If the graph looks unchanged, it may be worth updating.
  • Do not copy the chart code from this page, because it will not work. If you want such a graph, really request for a quote:

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