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The new chart app, Chartoasis Chili has been released has been started more than 10 years ago, where the major function was a chart application. The technology used for it has become obsolote, and even starting it from the browser has been a rocket science for the past years.

I am happy to announce, that Chartoasis Chili, the successor of the chart application has been released.

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About long term investments…

Wouldn’t it be great to pick a good invesment and let money work for you without any further efforts for years?

We have created a new website dedicated to long term investments which is called

Companies come and go but there are investments that are always going to valueable – so as first we decided to take a closer look on gold’s 5 year charts and the long term charts of silver.

Terms of service

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Guest posts is accepting guests post from quality authors looking to provide quality, unique content.

Doing so may have multiple benefits for you:

  • you  gain some exposure for your blog
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  • I only accept very high quality ? I reject most guest post submissions due to lack of quality
  • May contain up to 2 links to your site. Links may be placed at the end of article only where you introduce yourself.

Guest post offers must be sent to chartoasis [at] chartoasis [dot] com.