How to use, even for free?

Tired of having to search for stock data on the Internet? can be a very good alternative, where you can find almost everything in one place. We use it too, and some of it is even free!

What’s free and what do you have to pay for?

All packages can be viewed here. In the free package:

  • 20 API calls per day are allowed .
  • querying EOD historical data of 1 share is considered 1 API call
  • historical data can be downloaded about the past 1 year

In paid packages:

  • other data are also available (e.g.: fundamental, split, dividend)
  • the entire available historical data can be downloaded
  • a lot more API calls are allowed

Quick trial

If you just want to see what EODHD can do, you can try it quickly with a demo user, downloading McDonald’s share’s data from this URL:

For the rest of data, you will need at least a registration.


Data download is available after registration. You can register here.
You can register:

  • either by entering name, e-mail address and password,
  • or you can use your Gmail user with one click.

In the latter case, if you are logged into Gmail, you will also be logged into
(The domains and refer to the same service.)

Retrieving the API token

All queries will require a “API token“. This identifies the user and from this they will know which user’s quota should be decreased after a query.
After logging in, it is available in the Settings menu. It is a series of numbers and letters, including a . (dot) too.

Quick try

After that, you can quickly try out what the site can do. Just copy the API token into the URL below:<Your API token>

If you open this URL in a browser, it will download a .csv file containing Google’s stock data.

Querying any stock

To query the data of a stock you like, you will need the abbreviation (ticker) of the share used on Eodhd. The easiest way to find this is entering the name of the stock in the search field on the home page. (Note: some stocks are traded on multiple markets, so choose the ticker carefully!)

  • For non-US shares, it is mandatory to write the name of the market after the ticker name. E.g.: BMW.XETRA is the BMW share’s ticker traded on XETRA.
  • For US stocks, it is not mandatory to write the name of the market after the ticker name. Eg: TSLA is the ticker of the Tesla stock.

To download the data of any share, replace the ticker and the API token in the following URL:<ticker>?api_token=<Your API tocken>&order=a&period=d&fmt=csv

At the end of the URL, parameters set the order of the data, the .csv format and the daily resolution for security. You can find the interpretation of these parameters here.

What’s next?

The URL just compiled can be used in more than one way:

  • can be analyzed in a spreadsheet software (like Excel, Google Spreadsheet, Libre Office, etc.)
  • but it can also be loaded directly into an analysis software, like Chartoasis Chili. If you have already downloaded data as a file, you can load that into Chartoasis Chili using the file loader button.