Features of the free stock analysis software of Chartoasis.com

General features

The most important features of Chartoasis.com's stock analysis software are:
  • It is free. Users can use it free of any charge.
  • Works with free market data that have to be downloaded separately and loaded into the application by the user.
    • We have already collected a lot of free market data sources for the analysis and we have made help pages for downloading them (eg.: Google Finance, RTS, Stooq.com, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Finance UK and Portfolio.hu) so it works easily.
    • Your analysis can be as up to date as the data you download, there is no dependency from any embedded data source. The data sources we have collected are up to date in most cases, we have marked the sources with long lag. You can find such information on the page of a country's download section.
  • Data formats are recognized automatically. You do not have to select which column is which etc. when importing market data, loading data is a simple operation.
  • Supports stocks, exchanges rates, commodities from all over the world. Check the list of supported countries / stocks.
  • It is based on Java technology so it is available for multiple OS (operating systems)
  • Our free chart analysis software is an application embedded into the browser, you do not have to install it.
    • It is dependably available in any place with Internet access: at home, in your office, in your sublet etc.
    • You can always use the latest version of our chart application because software update is automatical thanks to Java technology.*
*This may require some changes in the settings. You can find details about it in the Getting updates... section of our FAQ page.

If you have questions about how to use Chartoasis.com's technical analysis software, please visit the software's help page.

Technical analysis functions

Technical analysis is supported through the most popular indicators and drawing tools. Indicators are freely parametrizable to be able to fine tune every indicator to fit best the analyzed stock (you can place eg.: 2 MACD charts with different parameters to see which one gives the more accurate signals):


  • Moving average (SMA, EMA, 3 independent MA is supported simultaneously)
  • Bollinger bands
  • MACD, MACD historgram
  • RSI
  • Stochastic oscillator
  • OBV
  • Accumulation/Distribution line

Other tools

  • Candlestick or curve visualization of price data
  • Linear and logarithmic price axis
  • Daily and weekly view
  • Navigation on the time axis allows observation the entire time frame
  • You can mark points, or draw channels and wedges
  • You can save your charts as image to keep a diary of your analysis
Example chart
MSFT chart made with the chart software of Chartoasis.com with MACD, OBV, RSI, Stochastic oscillator, Accumulation/Distribution line, Bollinger bands and moving averages

MSFT chart made with the chart software of Chartoasis.com

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