Download free market data from Google Finance

You can download market data for USA stocks from Google Finance.

Alternatives for finding a stock on Google Finance

Direct link is a link within that points directly at a free market data provider's subpage of a stock where you can start downloading market data.
  • You can find direct link to a stock in the table below.
    If you have a direct link to the Google Finance page of the stock you are looking for, open it in a separate browser window then proceed with the "Download historical data" section.
  • If you haven't found the wanted stock's direct link you can search for it by name as described in the "Searching for stocks on Google Finance by name" section.
Teljes név Ticker Link
Cisco Systems, Inc. NASDAQ:CSCO Download link for Cisco Systems, Inc.
Google Inc. NASDAQ:GOOG Download link for Google Inc.
Microsoft Corporation NASDAQ:MSFT Download link for Microsoft Corporation

Searching for stocks on Google Finance by name

To find a stock on Google Finance,
  1. Visit
  2. Enter the name or a part of the name of the wanted stock into the textfield on the top of the page until the complete name pops up in the list, then click "Get quotes".
    Searching for a stock on Yahoo! Finance by name or by ISIN code
  3. Click "Historical Prices" on the next page, then proceed with "Download historical data" section.
    Selecting historical prices on Google Finance

Download historical data

  1. If the default time interval for the download does not fit your needs you can change it through the left (start of interval) and right (end of interval) text field. Please take care of how many data you need for the analysis when selecting download interval, see "Data download" for more information. The end date is the actual date by default.
    Setting up histroical data download at Google Finance
  2. Click "Download to spreadsheet" on the right to download data file. It is recommended to change the name of the downloaded file since the default file name is always the same (data.csv).

Hint: if you save the page where you have just downloaded data from to the "Favourites" or "Bookmarks" you do not have to do all the searching process again but you can navigate to the page of the data download directly by recalling it from the "Favourites" or "Bookmarks".