Downloading free market data from MSCI

MSCI indices measure the performance of many regions and industrial areas. These MSCI indices can be analyzed with our chart application (eg.: MACD, RSI, Bollinger bands are available).

We suggest opening a separate directory for market data like "C:\market_data"

  1. Visit MSCI's data download page.
  2. On the upper region of the page:
    • Choose the index from the drop down list you want to download data for.
    • You may leave the rest of drop down lists on "Price" and "Full History".
    Choosing the index data for download.
  3. Click "Download"! Our chart application awaits this file with '.tdp' extension, though MSCI's page will attempt to save it with the extension '.xls'. Do not be mistaken by data file's extension! The file is not in '.xls' format but it is a text file. Therefore it must be save with extension '.tdp' or it must be renamed after download to have extension '.tdp'.
  4. Load data file into our chart application.