Download free market data from RTS (Russian Trading System)

You can download market data for Russian stocks from RTS.
  1. If you already know the wanted stock's ticker / code on RTS, proceed with the searching by ticker in the next step. Otherwise:
    Searching for ticker / code among equities traded on RTS
  2. Visit, and choose Market Data / Archives then select Data by ticker in the middle of the page. Set up data download similar to the upper right part of the below picture.
    • Enter the RTS code of the equity into the "Ticker" field.
    • Keep "table" field checked, uncheck "graph" field if it is checked.
    • You can set the starting date of the data with the "from" field at "Date" and you can specify the end of the time frame with the "to" field.
    • Keep checked the drop down menu with "Market Trades" selected.
    • Check "Display only the dates with the trade information".
    • Click search.
  3. In the page that appears click "Data in CSV" next to the icon shaped like a floppy disc, and data is downloadable.
    Download data file from RTS