Download free market data from is a Polish site with some parts translated to English. You can download market data for Polish, Japanese, Hungarian, German and USA stocks.

Alternatives for finding a stock on

Direct link is a link within that points directly at a free market data provider's subpage of a stock where you can start downloading market data.
Full name Category Ticker
SONY CORP. Japanese stock 6758.JP
Bayerische Motoren Werke St. German stock BMW.DE
TVN SA Polish stock TVN
Getin Holding SA Polish stock GTN
Powszechna Kasa Oszczednosci Bank Polski SA Polish stock PKO
Polski Koncern Naftowy Orlen SA Polish stock PKN
Telekomunikacja Polska SA Polish stock TPS
Gold Future Commodity GC.F
Light Crude Oil Future Commodity CL.F
MOL Hungarian stock MOL.HU
MTELEKOM Hungarian stock MTELE- KOM.HU
OTP Hungarian stock OTP.HU
RABA Hungarian stock RABA.HU
RICHTER Hungarian stock RICH- TER.HU
SYNERGON Hungarian stock SYNER- GON.HU
ZWACK Hungarian stock ZWACK.HU

Searching for securities on by category

Below table contains links pointing at categories on

Category Link
Commodities Download link for Commodities
Forex Download link for Forex
USA stocks Download link for USA stocks
German stocks Download link for German stocks
Japanese stocks Download link for Japanese stocks
Polish stocks Download link for Polish stocks
Hungarian stocks Download link for Hungarian stocks

When searching for a security on by category do the following:

  1. Select the appropriate category's link and open it in a separate browser window.
  2. Within the category:
    1. The column "Pelna nazwa" contains the detailed names of the securities. You can find the wanted securities by this name (you may have turn some pages using the numbered links). When the securities is found, click the link in the "Symbol" column then proceed with "Download historical data" section. If the wanted security is not found try searching for it by the name of the stock.
      Searching for securities by category on

Searching for equity on by equity name

Another way to find the the wanted equity is using's built-in search box.

  1. Visit
  2. Enter (at least a part of) the name of the equity into the searchbox on the top of the page. If the name of the wanted equity pops up (like MCDONALDS CORP in the example), click on it or click "Kwotuj". Otherwise click "Kwotuj" to attempt searching for the equity.
    Searching for equity by name on
  3. If you have entered (at least a part of) the name or ticker of an equity supported by your browser will jump to the equity's page. If the name is ambiguous or mispelled (or it is not a supported equity) a page like below will pop up to resolve ambiguity by offering equities supported by having name similar to the name you just entered.
    1. If you have found the page of the wanted equity proceed with "Download historical data" section.
    2. If you have not found the wanted equity this way try again with a different part of the name or try searching for it by category or direct link.
    The page offers an equity supported by to resolve ambiguity

Download historical data

  1. On the equity's page (see below) click "Dane historyczne".
    Selecting historical data
  2. On the next page you can set up data to be downloaded.
    Setup historical data download on
    1. "Start Date" and "End Date" tells the time interval to download. (When changing this please think of how many data points you need for the analysis. Some indicators may be inaccurate when using too few data.)
    2. At "Interval" select (Daily) [weekly data is calculated by the chart software from the daily data, no need to download weekly resolution].
    3. "dividends" under "Skip" tells whether to download the market price or prices corrected with dividends. (This function does not have an effect in every case.)
    4. "splits" under "Skip" tells whether to download the market price or prices corrected with splits. (This function does not have an effect in every case.)
  3. Click "Download data in .csv file" at the bottom of the page to download data in a ".csv" file.
    Download historical  data in .csv file on

Hint: if you save the page where you have just downloaded data from to the "Favourites" or "Bookmarks" you do not have to do all the searching process again but you can navigate to the page of the data download directly by recalling it from the "Favourites" or "Bookmarks".