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Trading Charts and the Financial Markets: Why One Size Does Not Fit All

Despite the ever growing complexity that surrounds the financial markets, a surprising number of traders still fail to recognize the subtle differences between individual platforms and products. One of the most important facts you will ever learn about financial trading is that not all markets have been created equal, with the result that each boast their own unique levels of risk, reward, liquidity and leverage. This is an extremely important consideration, as it dictates that your trading strategy and the trading charts that you use must be compatible with the market that operate within.

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About long term investments…

Wouldn’t it be great to pick a good invesment and let money work for you without any further efforts for years?

We have created a new website dedicated to long term investments which is called

Companies come and go but there are investments that are always going to valueable – so as first we decided to take a closer look on gold’s 5 year charts and the long term charts of silver.

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How Effective is Automated Pattern Recognition Software?

Experts at the London Stock Exchange believe that a huge proportion of trading is now done using algorithms. In some markets, it’s estimated to be around 80 percent of trading volumes, which means that it’s become a huge part of financial trading. Software that can recognise patterns and make the appropriate trades is now in very high demand, with many people willing to pay large sums of money for the technology. This is prevalent across the board, with stocks, currency and commodities all involved. The question then, is how effective is this method of trading, and is it better than manual chart observation?

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