Free technical analysis software for stocks of Sweden

Example technical analysis chart from Sweden (VOLVO -B-) created with the free analysis software of

Example chart from Sweden (VOLVO -B-) created with the free technical analysis software of

Need technical analysis chart of VOLVO -B- or BOLIDEN or other stocks from Sweden?
Do you want it for free?
Check out this chart application!

How does it help?

Technical analysis

  • moving averages (SMA, EMA) and Bollinger band
  • technical indicators (such as MACD, RSI, OBV etc.)
  • support for drawing chart patterns like channels, wedges etc.
  • candlesticks & more

Support for Sweden

  • most up-to-date data of stocks from Sweden is available from a carefully selected data source
  • works with End Of Day (EOD) data that is free for stocks from Sweden
  • it is free to use for visitors from Sweden

Easy to use

  • takes only 2 steps to use it
  • no need to install it
  • runs in your browser, you can access it anywhere
  • easy data import

More informations on's free technical analysis software's features.

How does it work?

This technical analysis software runs in your browser, and does not need to be installed. You can use it on any computer with internet access: at home, in your office, at school etc.

However you will also need Java to run the analysis software. If your browser does not install Java automatically, please visit our Java installation guide.

Using it takes only 2 simple steps:
  1. Download latest EOD market data.
  2. Load market data into the analysis software.

Support for stocks from Sweden

Sweden's stocks supported by technical analysis on
Stock Exchange: OMX Nordic
Most up-to-date, free market data source:
- Yahoo! Finance UK (Data download help for Sweden's stocks)

In case of technical analysis of stocks from Sweden we suggest downloading market data from Yahoo! Finance UK.

Loading market data into the technical analysis software is easy: data file format is recognized automatically, and importing data is fast.

Hint: If you do not know how to download the market data, visit the market data download help for stocks of Sweden and follow its instructions.

Stock examples from Sweden

Stocks below can be analyzed with our chart software, but these are just examples - our chart application supports all stocks from Sweden.

Stock name Quick link Download
Historical data (Yahoo! Finance UK)
Data download
Historical data (Yahoo! Finance UK)
Data download
Historical data (Yahoo! Finance UK)
Data download
Historical data (Yahoo! Finance UK)
Data download
Historical data (Yahoo! Finance UK)
Data download

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