Download free market data from Yahoo! Finance UK for European stocks

You can download European stocks' market data from Yahoo! Finance UK.

Alternatives for finding a stock on Yahoo! Finance UK

Direct link is a link within that points directly at a free market data provider's subpage of a stock where you can start downloading market data.

Searching for stocks on Yahoo! Finance UK by name or ISIN code

ISIN: International Securities Identification Number, a code that identifies a stock uniquely. A stock has different ISIN code for each stock exchange it is traded at. For more information see ISIN code's Wikipedia page. You can get a stock's ISIN code eg.: from the exchange where it is traded. Searching for stocks by ISIN code on Yahoo! Finance is much easier and safer than searching by name because the chance of finding the wrong stock is very small.
To find a stock on Yahoo! Finance UK,
  1. Visit
  2. Enter the name or a part of the name of the wanted stock into the textfield on the top of the page, then click "Get Quotes" OR type the entire ISIN code of the stock and then click "Get Quotes". It is recommended to set the drop down list to "All markets".
    Searching for a stock on Yahoo! Finance UK by name or by ISIN code
  3. If the keyword you entered in the search box fits more than one stock (BMW in this case, which is traded at more stock exchanges), a table like below appears. You can choose the appropriate stock ticker (in this case BMW.DE, which means BMW shares traded on XETRA) and proceed with the next step. If you entered an ISIN code, or the keyword is recognized by Yahoo! Finance UK the stock's Yahoo! Finance UK page appears and you can proceed with the next step.
    If search returned multiple results you have to choose one
  4. Click "Historical Prices" on the next page. Proceed with "Download historical data".
    Selecting historical data on Yahoo! Finance UK

Download historical data

  1. On the next page you can set up the time interval's "Start Date" and "End Date" (this interval will be downloaded in the data file). Keep the resolution "Daily" (weekly data is calculated by's chart software), "Start Date" and "End Date" is freely configurable. "End Date" is always the actual date by default.
    Setting up historical data download
  2. Click "Download to spreadsheet" link on the bottom of the page to download the data file.
    It is recommended to change the name of the file you are downloading since it is always the same (table.csv) by default.
    Save text file directly to your hard drive, do not allow Excel (or Open Office etc.) open it! (Saving to HD from Excel would make data format unreconizable.)
    The download link is on the bottom of the page

Hint: if you save the page where you have just downloaded data from to the "Favourites" or "Bookmarks" you do not have to do all the searching process again but you can navigate to the page of the data download directly by recalling it from the "Favourites" or "Bookmarks".