Help for Java installation and setup

This help document shows how to install and set up Java on a Windows PC.

If Java installation does not work automatically when starting chart software:

  1. Visit, and click "Free Java Download".
    Download Java software for free
  2. Save Java installer to your computer and start it.
    Saving Java installer to disk
  3. Please wait at the "Downloading Java Installer" window until it steps to next window automatically.
    Downloading Java installer window - it will disappear automatically
  4. Click "Accept" in the "Java Setup - Welcome" window.
    Click the accept button
  5. "Java Setup - Progress" window appears while Java setup is in progress. Please wait until next window shows up.
    Installation is in progress, please wait until next window shows up.
  6. When installation is ready, please click "Finish" in the "Java Setup - Complete" window.
    Installation complete
  7. Maybe you will have to enable Java usage for your browser manually:
    • Firefox: go to Tools / Options / Content tab, check "Enable Java".
    • Internet Explorer: go to Tools / Internet Options / Advanced tab, and check the line starting with "Use JRE ..." under "Java (Sun)". (If you do not see Menu bar, enable it in the popup menu that pops up when right clicking on a free area on the right of the last tab.)
    • Opera: go to Tools / Preferences / Advanced tab, select "Content" in the left menu. Check "Enable Java".
  8. To use's chart software you may need to restart your browser.

Setting up Java for automatic updates of's stock analysis software

Our team is continuously working on making's chart software better so the software is updated regularly. The Java environment always checks if there is a newer version of the chart software on the server of and downloads that one. If despite Java's automatic update you experience that a just announced feature is missing from the chart software you run on your local computer do the following:

  1. Click the Java icon in Control panel (either Start menu/Control panel or Start menu / Settings / Control panel - if you are in "Category view", change to "Classic view"). Click the Settings button in the "Temporary Internet files" section (in the bottom).
  2. Uncheck "Keep temporary files..." (but keep "Temporary Files Settings" window open) and restart your browser. Check's chart software whether it contains the necessary modifications.
  3. If above step does not solve the problem removing all Java applets and other applications from the temporary storage (cache) may be the solution. Click "Delete files" and check and check "Applications and applets" if possible, then click OK. This will delete all Java applications and applets from the cache. Later these will always be donwloaded before using them ensuring that always the latest version is used. Restarting the browser may be needed after this step as well.