Half dozen developments – April, 2018

Chartoasis team has finished lots new developments recently.

We have moved the site to a new hosting provider (now a United States based server is serving www.chartoasis.com). Hopefully it is not only us, who experience the performance gain :-)

Regular visitors could have noticed that we have replaced old Yahoo! and most TradingView forex charts with ones that are created by us. But this is not the end of the news!

We added lots of new currencies to the existing ones and on the top of that we have also added four cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin). We have also extended the available time ranges. 10 years charts are available everywhere, where there is enough data to draw them along with interim time ranges like 2 months, 3 years etc.

We have also changed the ad formats around charts to improve user experience.

Thanks to a bugfix, font size on charts is fully customizable, so charts will be a lot easier to read on mobile devices, too.

But the latest development goes a lot further. We have introduced Chartoasis.com’s chart widget, which can be embedded into other websites. If you have any website or blog, you can add value to it by providing useful information via Chartoasis.com’s chart widget. Whether you are in the travelling or in the finance industry, Chartoasis.com’s currency chart widget can be a useful addon on your site.

Almost every chart is available for embedding to your webpage using our simple HTML code. These charts are updated as often as the ones on Chartoasis.com, can be added for free, and they are also search engine friendly as they are very simple, work fast, load over secure HTTPS connections and indexing them is allowed for search engines (despite a couple chart widgets, where it is not).

You can generate your chart widget code here, where you can also find further informations about this service.