USD/RUB historical data download

Looking for historical data of the USD/RUB currency pair? We have found a source that provides Open-High-Low-Close data for it back until 1995!

The best source for downloading USD/RUB historical data we found so far is is a Polish website, but some parts of it is transleted into English. Do not be afraid of it, you can download USD/RUB data without knowing anything about Polish language! (You can also try using Google translate. Google Chrome will offer automatic translation as soon as you visit

Note: Second Russian Rouble (RUB) replaced First Russian Rouble (RUR) in 1998-01-01, when 1 RUB was 1000 RUR. This data goes back until 1995, and it seems to contain adjustments for the 1 RUB = 1000 RUR exchange in 1998-01-01, but the best is to check this for yourself.

Steps to get USD/RUB historical data file

  1. Visit this link, which will take you to’s USD/RUB historical data page. (This page is about historical data, so we suppose that you want to download the widest possible timerange, which does not require any other settings.)
  2. Find the “Download data in .csv file…” link in the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on the “Download data in .csv file…” link, and save the file to your device with the upcoming window.

How to proceed?

The file you downloaded is a .csv file. It is a text file, so you can view its content with text viewer applications like Notepad, vi etc.

However, you may want to import it into a spreadsheet application like MS Excel, Libre Office Calc or Google Spreadsheets, which can turn the text file into a table for further analysis.

Alternatively, you can load the USD/RUB .csv file into our free chart software, Chartoasis Chili, which will recognize the .csv format automatically and you can browse the entire timerange with eg.: mouse zooming. It also works on mobile devices!

USD-RUB historical chart created with free chart software, Chartoasis Chili
USD-RUB historical chart created with free chart software: Chartoasis Chili