How to create Santa Claus Rally statistics?

Creating the monthly statistics chart of a stock, a mutual fund or a currency pair can be used to highlight the effect of “Santa Claus Rally“.

Preparing it is not a rocket science today. With Chartoasis Sesame it takes only 3 simple steps!

Monthly statistics chart example

You can find a detailed description of monthly statistics chart here.

1.) Getting historical data

2.) Starting Chartoasis Sesame

Chartoasis Sesame is an on-line software and it can be started by visiting

In case of any problem visit the troubleshooting section.

3.) Load historical data into Chartoasis Sesame

Use the button shown below to load the historical data file.

load historical data with the button shown below

As soon as you load historical data into Sesame, monthly statistics chart appears (see below, marked with red frame).

(You can also find a detailed user’s guide here. This chart can also be used to study “January effect” or “Sell in May and go away“.)

place of montly statitistics chart marked within the Chartoasis Sesame Application