7 ways to get rich

… how did others do it? 7 methods with benefits and drawbacks!

Method #1: being born to a rich family

To be born to a rich family you have to do nothing. It is settled at the time of birth.

Probably this is the easiest method, however, it must be too late for most readers to get rich this way.

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Method #2: marrying someone who is rich

I do not think this needs much explanation: rich people also get married, and their spouses can enjoy the benefits of the family’s wealth. If this is not familiar from your surroundings, you must have heard about such cases in the media.

To follow this method, you have to find a millionaire who is willing to marry you. However, marrying someone for the money only may not be a good idea.

Method #3: building a career

There are jobs like CEOs of a major companies, which are paying very well, and allow building wealth quite easily. With some luck, those jobs are available for dedicated people who are building their career consciously, and they are not afraid of being unscrupulous.

However, this often involves the change of personality, so the sacrifice it may take makes this method a bit questionable. Does the high salary compensate you for the person you have to become?

Method #4: in an illegal way

There are many ways of making money that are either vicious and / or illegal.

We only mention this because our list would not be complete without it, however, we do not want to give you any hints (media is always reporting about such cases), nor do we want to encourage you to chose this method as this way you may not only risk serious penalty but even your life.

Method #5: with talent

Lot’s of people make a fortune by being good at something. Just think about musicians, actors, sportsmen – but others get rich by inventing something (like internet millionaires), or by building up successful companies from nothing.

People getting rich this way often say, that one has to fight a lot of obstacles, and the path to the success is not as easy as it seems for the first sight. However, this is worth to consider.

Method #6: with luck

Luck can show up in our lives in many ways: you can win the lottery, you can inherit a fortune unexpectedly, or find some very valuable paintings in the attic.

People getting rich thanks to luck are in great danger. They usually have not gotten used to handling lots of money, so they easily lose all their money and end up with a serious debt. (Eg.: they start buying large houses and expensive cars, never thinking about the expenses you have to spend on a house or a car, so they are slowly eating up all the money that’s left.)

If you suddenly get a huge wealth, consult a financial adviser first to prevent such cases!

Method #7: step-by-step

You can build your wealth step-by-step throughout your life. To do so, you have to do smart decisions in your career, personal finances and investments.

Choosing this method, you will also have to prepare for problems like health issues, economic crysis etc. which may have quite negative impact on your wealth built-up so far. However, this method is open for the most.

So these are the 7 ways to get rich.

  • Which one is your favourite?

  • Do you know any other?

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