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Chartoasis.com's free stock analysis software works with free market data downloaded by the users and supports many countries. The application is based on Java and it runs in your browser.

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Chartoasis.com's online charting software supports the technical analysis of more countries of Europe through the most popular technical analysis functions.
The stock analysis software can be used for free, charts can be made of End Of Day (EOD) stock data that can also be downloaded free of charge. (Data file formats are recognized automatically, data importing is fast.) The software is embedded into the website and does not need to be installed so you can use it on any computer with internet access: at home, in your office, at school etc.

You can find the list of the supported countries in Europe in the table below.
For further information on how to analyze stocks from a listed country, click on the name of the country.

Supported countries in Europe
SwitzerlandUnited Kingdom