User interface of Chartoasis Sesame

The Chartoasis Sesame user interface can be divided into the following areas:

  • general control buttons (top of the application)

  • single investment view (price of shares and annual returns chart, monthly statistics)
  • investment comparison view (relative price change, risk-return chart)
  • status bar (on the bottom of the application)

Integrated help

Most control buttons and charts of the application include an integrated explanation. This is only displayed, when

  • the cursor is left on the given item in question, or

  • by clicking the ??? (question mark) button (which launches Help mode), then by clicking on the item in question. (To quit Help mode click the ??? (question mark) button again, or click in the application with the right button of the mouse.)

button to activate built-in help

Switching between views

To switch between single and comparative views, use the tabs.

Tabs of single investments

  • can be added using the blue ?+? mark on the right side (up to 5 tabs)

  • to close tabs click the red ?x? button in the right corner of the given tab
  • the name of the investment on a given tab can be changed by right-clicking the text on the tab

controls to swtich between tabs, to add / remove /rename tabs

Controlling time axis

The horizontal axis of certain charts (price of shares, annual returns chart and relative price change) is a time scale. The displayed time range can be changed using the following tool:

GUI component to control the time axis

  • the right and left ?border? of the displayed time range can be set by dragging the slider in the appropriate direction
  • the displayed time window can be moved by dragging the colored bar.

Changing color schema

The color scheme of charts can be set using the drop-down menu on the right side of the application window.

GUI component to change color schema

The status bar

The application also sends reports of major events to the status bar.

example image of status bar

General controls

You can find more information about general control buttons in the following links:

Details of charts and tables

For specific settings of charts and tables, please refer to the following links: