Loading data

For Trial of the Function – Example Data

For the purposes of trial of the Chartoasis Sesame application, two data sets have been integrated. To load these, click on the “Load example data” button.

for trial purposes use Load example data button on the top of the application

Loading a .csv File

Chartoasis Sesame supports two data types:

  • Price data are essential for use of the application. Price data set adjusted according to dividends and split is shown and used for calculations if such data is available (eg.: in Yahoo! Finance).
  • Dividend payout information is simply displayed by the application on the price chart. Downloading of these is not necessary. (For all shares, the respective dividend file needs to be loaded.)

Both file types can be loaded using the same button (see below). First price of shares and after that, dividend data should be loaded.

button for loading .csv files