Unable to load data file

In case of any problems you may contact us at chartoasis@chartoasis.com .

At present Chartoasis Sesame only operates using data available for downloading from Yahoo! Finance, free of charge.

(This page provides instructions to download such data.)

File loading problems are typically due to the following errors:

Previous opening in MS Excel

It is possible, that by clicking “Download to Spreadsheet” on Yahoo! Finance, the price data file is automatically opened in MS Excel, or a similar application instead of downloading the file.

download to spreadsheet link in Yahoo! Finance

By saving the price data file from MS Excel (or: OpenOffice’s Calc), contents of the file are changed, thus Chartoasis Sesame will no longer recognize the file.

Solution: Avoid opening the price data file in other applications.

To do so, right-click the “Download to Spreadsheet” URL, and:

  • In Internet Explorer select “Save target as…”

save as in internet explorer

  • In Firefox select “Save link As…”

save as in firefox

  • In Google Chrome select “Save link As…”

save as in google chrome

.csv & .ses files should not be confused

Use the “Loading .ses file” button for .ses files only, and using the “Loading Yahoo! Finance (.csv) data file” button, only .csv files can be loaded.

ses and csv loading buttons should not be mixed

Downloading with different operating system

End of line characters differ between Windows and other Operating Systems. For example a price data file downloaded in MacOS cannot be loaded on a Windows OS.

If you received a price data file as an e-mail attachment, and are unable to load it in the Chartoasis Sesame application, it is possible that the above situation is the cause of the problem.

Solution: download data using the computer on which the Chartoasis Sesame application is run.