Java Installation Instructions

Java can be easily installed manually. In the following we shall describe the specific steps of the installation procedure. Installing Java for Mac OS is not the same as for Windows. See details below.

If the latest version of Java has not yet been installed on a computer, the web-browser may offer to install Java, when browsing to the website. In this case, follow the procedure below.

The following pages and the steps of manual installation provide instructions for the manual installation of the Java Application, using a web-browser application:

Installing Java for Mac OS

Mac OS 10.6

Java 6 is available as a simple Software Update, so if your system is up to date, Java 6 is installed, else upgrade your system. Note that Java SE 6 won’t appear for users on 32-bit Intel machines (Intel Core and Intel Core Duo) even if their systems are fully up to date.

You may need to activate your Java install. To do so you can find further help at

Updates of Mac OS may disable running Java Applets like Chartoasis Sesame.

In this case you may see “Inactive Plug-in” or similar label in you browser like below.

Macintosh may complain about inactive plugin

Click “Inactive Plug-in” and allow running Sesame.

Mac OS 10.7

The Java runtime is no longer installed automatically as part of the OS installation.

When you first time visit you may be prompted by the browser to install Java. In this case follow the instructions of the browser.

Alternatively you may follow the method described at:

Manual Installation of Java

  1. Visit:
  2. On the page displayed, click “Free Java Download”.
    • Java installation link on
  3. On the subsequent page click “Agree and Start Free Download” to accept the terms of license.
    • accepting lincesne conditions before installing Java
  4. After this there are two possibilities.
    • The installer is downloaded: in this case the installer software needs to be started manually. When done, continue with step 5.
    • The installer starts automatically: jump to step 5.
  5. (Windows Vista and Windows 7 OS may request additional user permission for the installation to start. Allow the installation process.) Click “Install” or “Next” in the displayed installer window.
    • Java installer started
  6. The progress window is shown during installation.
    • Java install finished
  7. When done, click “Close”. Installation is now complete.
  8. The web-browser may need to be re-launched after installation, for Java to operate.
  9. Return to the website. Now the chart software tool should start. If the chart software does not start, please visit the troubleshooting guide.